Malaysia Air and Sea Freight Forwarding Company

Mercury Freight Logistics Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia’s air and sea freight forwarding services company specializes in freight forwarding services, shipping warehousing & distribution services, export & import consolidation, barging and project services. The name Mercury Freight Logistics is synonymous with commitment, dynamism and the provision of high quality freight forwarding and competitive services.

We have been in the freight forwarding services for more than a decade, providing logistics to large and small companies. From government agencies to small medium enterprises we have never let our clients down. We have shipping, warehousing and distribution services in our large network of partners at various locations. Mercury Freight Logistics provides air or sea freight forwarder services to all parts of the world, with export and import consolidation services provided as well. Mercury Freight Logistics has in depth resources of fleets of light and heavy cargos transporting vehicles and setting up warehouse space and open storage yards to support our clients’ requirements for barging services in Malaysia. Our barges are well kept to tow the ship in for faster delivery of your containers.

Mercury Freight Logistics offers freight forwarding services to handle and manage import or export of air and sea freight cargo in Malaysia. As your trusted cargo shipping’s service provider, Mercury Freight Logistics will handle all the port related items for you regardless of size. Whether air or sea freight cargo, Mercury Freight Logistics will handle and manage it for you.

Since incorporation in 1994, Mercury Freight Logistics persevered the arduous climb and with patience has grown to become a major force in the flourishing and highly competitive freight forwarding business. From a handful of clients, we are proud to announce that our dedicated and loyal clients have exceeded the 200 marks. Some of our clients are very large and prominent multi-national companies.


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